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From: Joy Denton
I really enjoy all of your books - to the point of OCD. I'm so glad I found your books on Amazon. I also like that you include characters from previous books.
From: Leona Woodard
I really love all of your Romantic Suspense books! Your books are on my keeper shelf! I am so excited that you are writing a book for Deacon Novak. Thank you for all the time and research you put into each book.
From: Shannon
Congrats on new website launch!
From: Susan McCown
I love your writing......have read many of your books and will continue to do so. However, having just purchased a Kindle I am reading on that thing now. Just downloaded "Watch Your Back" and it is riveting; however, there has to be a previous book in this series to explain the sequence of events leading up to what is going on now. I have chosen to delete this book without finishing it as I would like information of the storyline. Is there a LIST anywhere that shows the history of these particular characters?