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From: I E
Hey Karen, I really love your books. Will Dani Novak get her own story? It would be quite interesting I think.
From: I. E.
Hey, by now I have read all your books including the e-books. I started with "No one left to tell" and then after I had read all the other books I always wondered whose wedding it was, where Clay and Paige met. Then today I saw that epilogue for "Silent Scream". I really liked that those two were included in the book though my guess always was, that it was maybe Mia and Reed's wedding. Also I wanted to add that I find the English versions much better than the German translations, because so much gets lost in the translation. Also most of the German titles are kind of strange I think. Last thing I want to say, I saw most of the promo videos, and have to say that everyone that you see in those looks pretty different to how I imagined the people while I read the books. My all-time favorite is "Watch your back" and the whole Baltimore series. Keep writing books like those you already did and I will gladly read all of them :)
From: Lee Rusk
I am enjoying your books very much. Only complaint I have is your 'leading men'. More than a few are tall, dark and handsome, with 'furnace bodies' and always have a great 'ridge' when excited. Can you try a few other adjectives????
From: Leslie Ogden
Hello, I just started your books. Just finished I Can See You. I will be reading more of your novels. Thank you.