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From: Dianne D. Cart
Closer Than You Think is the first book I've read in years that I didn't know who the killer was within the first 50 pages. Great story..well written!
From: Faye Wylie
Hello Karen, I came across one of your books "Die For Me" some years ago, I was choosing a book to take with me on holiday. I became hooked from the first page! This book is my all time favourite (so far) and I have read all of your others ... well almost all :) You have inspired me to write 2 10 minute stage plays, one of which I am hoping to add to and turn into a book. Thank you for your inspiration, for igniting my love in reading and writing.
From: Anne
Hi Karen, I love the books, and enjoy listening to audiobooks while travelling to and from work. I would really like to find audio versions of "Don't Tell", "Have You Seen Her?" & Ï'm Watching You". Are there any plans to have them made? I also have really dodgy versions of "Count to Ten" & "Die For Me", but cannot find decent versions of these either.
From: Sabine Fischer
Hi, Karen, I'm a german fan of your books. I love the stories and I love all the persons in it. Your the best. I thank you for the great stories, especially the book "Watch your back", where Clay found it's Stevie. I love that book. Now, I'm waiting for the german version of "Closer than you think", I think it's called "Dornenmädchen". Good on you. Sabine