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From: Annemarie van Gageldonk
Hello karen, I am a dutch fan of your books. Just finished your latest book closer than you think. I just could not put it down. Cannot wait for the next one.
From: Valeska Hernandez
Hi Karen, I am a big fan of his books, unfortunately still only have 6 published in Spanish, making it impossible to enjoy his talent. Hopefully soon have more of his books in Spanish, Spanish-speaking his fans will appreciate it!
From: Deb Howard
Hi Karen. Love reading your books! I am a closet writer. haha! I have notebooks as far back as soon as I started to learn to read and write. We didn't have a television until I was 12. But my question is, the character Stevie appeared very briefly in an earlier book when her husband and son were gunned down. Whish book was that? Or am I remembering wrong? Thanks and keep 'em comin!
From: Olivia Keyes
Hi Karen! I absolutely love your books! You're amazing at writing. Recently, I've published a book named Closure and it's my first one. I love to write thriller as well.