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From: Regina
Hi Karen, I love your books and have read everyone, they are addictive! Now your new book came in the mail (I live in Germany and have to wait always for the German edition), I may not read start, because I can then stop! And then I must wait again on your next book!???? All love and good by me!
From: Natassja
I love your books but I have to say the reagans ?? Their the best and the tess and vito too ! :) I was wondering if Rachel will ever get a book?? The daughter of a cop with two cop brothers a lawyer for a sister in law and a shrink ? The guy for her would have to be tough lol but I ask because I always enjoy the parts with Rachel ..
From: maria irons
i read your books on my kindle. i have now over several months read all the books you have written i loved them all and am so excited tht there will be a new release about Decon Novak. i just can't wait. i love your writing and you are top of my favourite authors list. your books are so exciting and intriguing from the beginning to the end thank-you Karen for my many hours of compelling enjoyable reading time
From: Sharon
WOW.... Yours are always the first books I take off the shelf. You are well researched, wonderfully descriptive and have a flowing writing style that captures me every time, from the first page. Thank you for sharing this with us.