Q & A

Author Karen Rose answers readers’ most Frequently Asked Questions!
Where do you get your ideas?
Sometimes a story starts with a specific scene. More often, it starts with a character and I think, "What's the worst thing that could possibly happen to this character?" And then I make it ten times worse than that. For example, in NOTHING TO FEAR, I thought that the worst thing for Dana Dupinsky would be unwillingly aiding a criminal when she's dedicated her life to aiding the victims. A few times I've taken ideas from news headlines, like the crimes "The Humble Servant" avenges in I'M WATCHING YOU.
Will Tom Hunter ever get his own story?
Yes! I'm letting him grow up a little more :-)
Will your e-books ever be available in print?
I don't know. The e-format is a fun way to get more stories out there, more quickly. If I ever amass enough short stories to fill an entire book? Maybe!
How long have you been writing?
I wrote stories when I was a little girl, and have chuckled with some of my writer friends that even way back then, my characters had lots of issues. One of my earliest stories (I was 12) was about twin teenage sisters. One dies in a horse-jumping accident and the other must go on. It wasn't until I was in my late twenties that I started reading a lot again, mainly because I traveled a great deal and I was terrified to fly. Books gave me the temporary escape from the reality of being at 30,000 feet with somebody else in control. I read a lot of different kinds of books on those flights, but quickly realized I LOVED romance. Then, I started seeing movies in my mind. It was driving me crazy, so I finally wrote them down, just to make it stop. That was my first book and I've never stopped writing.
I have an idea for a book. What can I do?
First, sit down and start writing. I know that sounds simplistic, but it's good advice. Don't worry about style or form, just start writing; let the ideas flow. I also highly recommend joining a writing group. If you write romance, look up the closest Romance Writers of America® chapter at the national organization's web site. If you don't write romance, look them up anyway. Their workshops on writing craft and the publishing business in general are some of the best out there. Good luck!
Are there really men like Steve Thatcher and Abe Reagan?
Yes. I married one. He's the best man on earth and the reason I love romance.
Who do you read?
I've always enjoyed sci-fi and recently discovered that I really enjoy paranormal also. Nalini Singh, CL Wilson, JR Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon are new additions to my keeper shelves. I also have quite a collection of Nora Roberts books, which I love. My favorites are the "Born In" trilogy and the Quinn Brothers. My Linda Howard books are equally well-worn. Go to Current Reads and scroll down for a list of my favorite authors.
How do you research your books?
I use the Internet first. If I can't find what I'm looking for, I'll find someone to ask. There is a lengthy process of self-confidence build up, during which I tell myself, "What's the worst they can say? No, right?” I have, however, built up a list of police officers, active and retired, who have kindly agreed to answer questions I have. One even volunteered to let me ride in a squad car! I really love to watch the Discovery, History, and Court channels. You can get a lot of neat info from shows like "Forensic Files."
I have a manuscript. Can I send it to you for review and critique?
No, I can't read unpublished manuscripts on the advice of my agent and attorney. If I receive an manuscript in the mail or via email, I'll have to delete it, unread. If you have a manuscript or part of one, I'd urge you to join a writer's group. See above.